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    Knowledge is knowing that Frankenstein is not the monster.

    Wisdom is knowing that Frankenstein is the monster.

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    Sailing Ships at Dawn - Carl Brandt

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    VINCENT VAN GOGH. Bowl with Peonies and Roses, 1886, oil on canvas.

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    I had nothing to do this morning so I collected all of my favourite fonts from Sherlock. I know some of these are already identified and well-known - but here they are. Very good to save as reference for graphics/edits. 

    Here are the download links to the ones who aren’t already installed on your computers, in chronological order (and what they’re mostly used for): 

    P22 Johnston Underground Deductions

    I AM SHERLOCKED (Free) - Titles

    Astoria - John’s voice in Sherlock’s head

    AF Generation Z - Text messages and deducitons

    The Recon Legend (Free) - Newspapers, headlines.  

    P22 Underground Light - Hashtag “#SherlockLives”

    Aster EF Medium - Speedy’s. Not sure of this one, but it’s similar. 

    Helvetica Neue Pro Cond Bold - London Street signs. 

    Clarion Pro Regular - John’s blog header. 

    Bebas (Free) - Mayfly man scene

    Trajan Pro 3 (Similar free font) - Irene’s website photos

    Novin Bold (Similar free font) - Baskerville military base font 

    FF Meta Pro Normal - The museum in The  Blink Banker

    Shanghai (Free) - The circus’ font in The Blink Banker

    I hope this will become useful! 

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  7. Mini-Skull Print Shirt by Alexander McQueen

    McQueen, love of my life.

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    We HAVE to do this version this summer, I decree it.


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    Tahereh Mafi, Shatter Me

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  10. good luck on doomsday y’all

    life advice

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  11. This final scene is everything I love about theatre ever

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    my mother and sister went to the Crayola factory and brought this home for me

    I need this. A lot.

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